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Creative Commons License

In general, all images, codes, design, text, whatever you can find on BlackBox513 website, CREATED BY SIRES J. BLACK is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Unless otherwise noted.

  • Please note, that all commissioners or requesters, or the owner of the original content of the fan-works I’ve created who doesn’t agree to this site’s policy MUST notify me beforehand not to post said work on this website, or contact me so the work in question could be taken down.
  • Images, photos, and banners used in any section of this site for promotional or informational use that isn’t created or owned by Sires J. Black is the property of the original owner. Please abide by their terms and conditions when using them.
  • Creators of this site, or anyone participating in the interaction of this website, will take no responsibility, representation or warranties on the provided information or expression used throughout this site. Meaning anything expressed by me through my artworks or written contents, or the viewer’s comments and contributions, can’t be responsible of mental (or somehow physical) damage it may cause nor the correctness/accuracy of the expressed or implied content. Just because I referenced murder, doesn’t mean I’m encouraging it. It’s the whole “will you jump off a cliff if you’re told to do so” topic. Will you, will you not, your choice, it is.
  • That being said, I support full open-minded discussions and variety of expressions so DO NOT hesitate to post or send me comments on delicate or controversial subjects. Uncomfortable, awkward, butt-hurt, personal-bubble-burst may occur but calm down, and take it “as is” please.
  • Any files downloaded from this site is responsible of the downloader. I won’t be responsible for any changes made on said files by said downloaders. Like redistribution with viruses or alterations to make them provocative. Or somehow using them to trigger WW3 or the zombie apocalypse. What I produce is a gun without a single bullet nor a wielder do not sue me!
  • TL;DR just don’t sue me or the fellow visitors and contributors. You respect us, we respect you.

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