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At, there are icons and symbols to assist you with the reading experience. Genre labels are used when the majority of the story contains certain elements. Though others could be present in the same story, they are a very minor part of the overall atmosphere. Rated by the Evil Apple Rating Committee.

Comic cells are aligned from top left to bottom right sequence. Commonly used in western comics.
Comic cells are aligned from top right to bottom left sequence. Commonly used in eastern comics. It might get confusing when clicking the navigator since the previous page and the next page button position is backward.
Comic cells are aligned from top to bottom sequence. Commonly used in mobile-friendly, scroll-based webcomics. The fonts are larger for better readability on smaller screens.
Family friendly content with cartoonish representations. Contents are safe for all potential readers and cover very limited topics.
y-rated [Y-RATED]
Appropriate from mature juveniles and young adults to older audiences. Considering the widest audiences in mind, topics and details are kept within reasonably public friendly realms utilizing abstractions and distortions of expression.
For mentally mature audiences. Experimental works for niche audiences, and contains contents that some audiences could find them offensive, aggressive, and distasteful.
The entire story is intended to be comedic, uplifting, or silly. For easy, mindless fun.
The entire story is intended to be depressing, heart-wrenching, and bitter. No redemptions and will leave a bad after taste.
Cyber, steam, space, bio… overall story centers around and/or major essential plot elements involves science technology. This often overlaps with science fiction, but this specifically focuses on characters dealing with technology.
A broader outlook on science fiction. Though it often overlaps with Tech Punk, the focus is more on society and human relationships in the distant or not-so-distant future.
The story is centered around supernatural, thrillers, and anything that’s eerie, creepy, or disturbingly bizarre.
Overall story centers around and/or major essential plot elements involves romantic relationships between characters.
This does NOT include injuries, blood, and cell-cropped implied gore. The comic has detailed images of wounds, internal organs, and brutal and cruel violence.