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The Quality Rollercoaster! Terra Formars (Mostly) Anime Review (Rant)

The Quality Rollercoaster! Terra Formars (Mostly) Anime Review (Rant) published on No Comments on The Quality Rollercoaster! Terra Formars (Mostly) Anime Review (Rant)

May I rant for a moment, please.
Order to combat my weird anxiety attacks, unless I’m working on something that needs my full attention like thumbnailing and writing, I tend to half-watch-listen to movies, youtube videos and anime in a mini window while I’m doing grinding work. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to break out of, but I get to re-watch some favorite shows in the background. It’s been 3-4 years since I first watched Terra Formars and I was reminded of this series through an ad so I revisited season one and it was A BLAST.

I have to say SEASON ONE is one of my favorite Seinen genre anime. It’s gritty, it’s violent, and as a bug enthusiast, the whole concept of “what if these insect powers were scaled to human ratio, pump steroids, and become this badass human/bug hybrid” is insanely good. I’m lumping the two episodes of the prologue OVAs in season one because the aesthetic and quality are on par. The character backstories pull you at your heartstrings, the low-saturation color pallet reminds me of western movies, the pacing, the mystery, the absolutely grotesque but admirably overpowered evolved cockroaches, everything about it is FANTASTIC. If you haven’t watched this anime, I fully recommend giving it a watch. The OP is a BANGER, even they did narration of the animals right, much love.


SEASON 2 DOES NOT EXIST. It’s dead to me.

Terra Formars REVENGE is an absolute Shounen TRASH, and not in the good way. I know I’m comparing it with the previous season, which is not really fair sometimes. Sequels are hard to live up to the hype and I understand that. I wasn’t impressed with ONE PUNCH MAN season two, but MOB PSYCHO 100 took everything they did right the first season and made it even better. I’m not a gen1 cultist in Pokemon even though I’ve been playing it every generation (other than gen3) I am a big gen5 fan but god black & white 2 was disappointment, the game. This is Terra Formars REVENGE is black & white 2.

They pretty much took EVERYTHING that I said was good about season one and said FUCK THAT SHIT. Let’s do the COMPLETE opposite. Color saturation went WAY up, they totally lost the visual atmospheres, the tech and uniforms look cheap as fuck, the humor is now totally reliant on anime tropes so the maturity of the show is tossed in the trash with cartoony reactions. I was mentally screaming at the screen that I’M NOT WATCHING A KIDS SHOW. Even kids show knows what they’re doing and uses those tropes in an entertaining way. Also, the really cool organic-looking transformations now have glowing parts and sound effects that make it feel like a superpower. I am, SO mad!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Though I’ve heard a rumor that the season 2 anime is a pretty straightforward adaptation of the manga so maybe the books took a turn? So it might not JUST be the anime studios fault.

They also made a live action movie!

YEAH NO THANKS. It looks SO bad….

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