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Dysfunctional Family the Show! The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Show Review

Dysfunctional Family the Show! The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Show Review published on No Comments on Dysfunctional Family the Show! The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Show Review

I was not feeling well, and that means I was able to binge-watch shows! I’m taking a break from watching Star Trek The New Generation to enjoy the new season of the Umbrella Academy. Overall, it did NOT disappoint. I’m glad it’s so popular because it deserves all the praise. The production quality was excellent, the choreography was great. The story was great. The crazy shit that happens one after the other was thoroughly entertaining.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

One of the story-telling elements I adore is seeing how a handful of characters stories intertwining and weaving into a tightly woven narrative. The best examples are Baccano! and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable. All the family members have such strong and unique personalities that make it so much fun to watch them bounce off each other. I don’t think they’re as good as the dialogue writing in Archer, where they can carry an entire episode just from conversation alone. Still, the Umbrella Academy has its awkwardness and uneasiness between them that keeps their history and relationship consistent, and that itself is admirable.

The new characters that git introduced in this season are great as well. I would’ve liked a little more focus on the side characters since they were so fascinating, but I understand why they kept their attention on the main cast to hold the story tight.

Unfortunately, the last episode was the weakest for me. There were unanswered questions that they brushed off, and the final fight seemed a tad bit underwhelming even though it made sense. The twist at the ending was an oh-shit moment for sure, but it wasn’t as big of a cliff hanger like the ending of season one where I had NO idea where the story was going to lead in to, whereas this had lower stakes. I also don’t care for more characters with powers introduced in the narrative. I think I’m getting a bit tired of stories with too many people with special abilities doing heroic deeds. We already have the Xmen, the Misfits, and the damn Avengers and the MCU. I want to see more normal ass people being creative within their limitations than convenient supernatural plot devices.

I do recommend the Umbrella Academy and hop on the hype. The first season was just as excellent, and I might rant about it later.

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