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Sobbing Over Wholesome Despair! Girls’ Last Tour Anime Review

Sobbing Over Wholesome Despair! Girls’ Last Tour Anime Review published on No Comments on Sobbing Over Wholesome Despair! Girls’ Last Tour Anime Review

I cried so much over this damn anime. More than I want to admit. Absolutely breathtaking.

Girls’ Last Tour

This is a very slow paced anime and there really isn’t too plot heavy with huge twists. It really is just a story about following these two girls on an adventure towards a better place through a desolated society after a war. But the pace is perfect to really take in the atmosphere and the gorgeous details of the fallen civilization. They meet robots and couple human who is clinging on to their life in their own way just as the two girls are, but most of the time you feel this cold loneliness. You feel so close to these girls because you feel alone with them, and they are so innocent and full of life even when they are hanging on to their life by a thread. Survival is NOT taken lightly in this show, they don’t have special abilities or previous knowledge and skills to take advantage of. They struggle to get food and need to ration it, they run out of fuel and I love how devastating how it feels for such basic luxuries I take for granted, and it clashes with the remains of this fallen civilization that must’ve been operating well until their doom.

The two personalities of the two main girls balance out very well too. One is the calculative, responsible, worrying, and planning type, and the other one is more impulsive and aggressive and living the now. The dynamic is well balanced for each of their survival and it’s just so heartwarming to see them care for each other. Also their opinions and perspective towards the previous lives of the desolate city hurt my soul. They wonder and be awestruck, hypothesizing how the people lived with pure innocent eyes, and how every little small thing is to be enjoyed fully. Sometimes their childish minds pierce at how foolish and childish WE are in our current lifestyle in the way most social commentary is expressed in other mediums. They don’t make fun of the foolishness with a jab, instead, they comment and question about it like a kid asking an adult how the world works. It makes me really think about what it means to be a human and our values and I’m moved to tears.

It’s hard to describe, but I’m motivated to live a better life and strive to be a better human watching this show.

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