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Ridiculous Concept Done So Enduringly Right?! Uma Musume – Pretty Derby Anime Review

Ridiculous Concept Done So Enduringly Right?! Uma Musume – Pretty Derby Anime Review published on 1 Comment on Ridiculous Concept Done So Enduringly Right?! Uma Musume – Pretty Derby Anime Review

I saw season two starting on Crunchyroll and I totally clicked on episode one because of curiosity. I remember brushing it off when I first saw the promo for it. Cute girls with animal ears in cute outfits running to watch jiggly boobs and ass, whatever, right? But getting a season 2?! There MUST be something really enticing about it that captivates the fans and oh boy I did NOT regret spending time with this show.

Well first the art style isn’t my type, but the animation quality is SO smooth, detailed and dynamic! I was blown away by the production quality through and through. The flicks of hairs, ears, and their tails, all given so much care! And no the camera doesn’t zoom in on their boobs and asses almost at all. Their outfits are mostly very unrevealing which was unexpected. I expected at least some but the fan-service are limited so for those who get irked by that, I guarantee your safe pass.

Having all the different girls to root for is a big bonus too. Some of the designs are a bit over-designed, but overall the hair (ear) accessories add to the characters, and even though their outfits and shoes make NO goddamn sense, visually you can distinguish the different girls very well. The show keeps reminding their names often so they make sure you know who each of them is, which to me helps a LOT.

Overall, I love the characters and their backstories and personalities, and oh my god I LOVE the races! This is from someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy sports anime but I love watching races.

Of course, I went on to watch the second season and eeeeeeeverything looked good until my jaw dropped when they inserted these AWFUL 3D models in their racing scene!! It’s one of their strengths that I am VERY disappointed with their decision. It’s not even ALL of the race scenes! Maybe they were on a tight schedule and had to use them? The concert scene at the end of episode one had some 3D and they looked fantastic. I hope the story and the characters carry the story on.

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Fire man
5 months ago

*This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental
Love it…
Amazing review.

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