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Quirky and Tragically Beautiful! Wanda Vision Show Review

Quirky and Tragically Beautiful! Wanda Vision Show Review published on No Comments on Quirky and Tragically Beautiful! Wanda Vision Show Review

NO SPOILERS! Just my vague opinion about the show and how it’s one of my favorite MCU/Superhero-based filmed TV shows I’ve watched. This is coming from someone that is NOT A MCU FAN. I know, unpopular opinion, right? I don’t HATE it, I’ve always had hype moments and I appreciate the production quality and I enjoyed stories and characters in bits and pieces, but none of them really moved me one way or another until, Wanda Vision.

Why Superhero Stories Doesn’t Work for Me

I’m sure everyone had this question being thrown around; if you can teleport into a fictional universe, what would it be? I usually answer the Pokemon universe because ANYONE and EVERYONE has a chance to become a hero. You train your mons hard enough, practiced battles enough, YOU can become the champion and kick some evil team’s ass. But what about stories where superpowers were the minority and only the lucky/unlucky few who have world-changing powers? I’m confident I’ll be one of the NPC characters named “Villager A” and what’s the point of going to that universe then. (Unless you’re a big fan of that special someone and you’ll be happy just to know that they’re real and in that case, more power to ya 👍)

For as long as I remember, I am acutely aware of how insignificant I was relative to the world I exist in. I was always a fan of villains in the story too because they were intelligent, passionate, and determined than the heroes who solved problems with simple violence just because “they were right”. I HATED that message and I still do to a degree. I also don’t have a fangirl mentality so I don’t “idolize” humans than my peers so the MCU was just, MEH. They were cool, they were admirable but otherwise, I couldn’t join the hype.

Why Watch Wanda Vision Then?

When it came out, my boyfriend, who is super into the MCU and heroic tales in general, was SUPER hyped about this new show. I watched almost all of the MCU movies because I wanted to share the moment with him or my comic movie-loving friend so this was nothing different. I didn’t care for Wanda or Vision even in Avengers The End Game. Oh, I also hate sacrificial stories about giving up your life for someone else’s sake. I’ll probably rant about it in future reviews but Vision and Wanda’s sacrifice to save the world was, again, MEH. So going in I thought it was just going to be my usual me wanting to spend time with my buddy. AND OH BOY WHAT WAITED WAS A TREAT!!

What I LOVED About Wanda Vision

Firstly the title is clever as fuck.

The awkwardness and trippy-ness were just perfectly up my alley! The subtle creepiness in the old-timey show was brilliant. The production quality was nothing under spectacular, expected from Marvel Studios, and the more the story revealed its true nature, the more I loved the characters and the people around them. I deeply connected to the whys of people’s actions, even the antagonists. Good people sometimes do bad shit and bad people sometimes do good shit and I feel that. I cried heartbroken for Wanda and dealing with her issues and I GET it. I get it so much.

What I didn’t Like

It’s a nit-pick, but from the entire series, I only disliked the last episode. It seemed rushed, and in a bad way became just another MCU movie, which I explained earlier, NOT the biggest fan. That’s it. I love this series.

In The End

I totally recommend watching this show even if you’re not a fan of the rest of the Marvel Universe. It’s very self-contained, and they fill you in any information that’s important with what happened in the past movies so you won’t feel lost and feeling like you missed out. I enjoyed it and moved, and I think you will too!

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