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Monthly Update – Sep.’20

Monthly Update – Sep.’20 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – Sep.’20

I’m putting updates from August on this as well. I was in no shape to do anything but to huddle in my blanket cocoon at the end of the month. I procrastinated on a contest entry manga until the last possible minute because of my lack of self-confidence, but one night I got the major hype that lasted for like a week and a half. Of course, it’s been a while since I crammed a project like that better yet worked on a comic page since the last updated page of LSD:DEFC (which I have NOT forgotten about), so I CRASHED and burned from the stress. I had to spend the rest of the vacation days hurling and in pain. My psyche does wonders for my physiology. The comic I was working on would not go to waste, I’ll enter it into next year’s competition.

It’s been inconsistent, but I have been posting brief reviews on some entertainment I consumed in no particular order. It’s mostly for me for having an archive of mental notes on stories like how I felt and what I liked and disliked so they can be a learning experience for when I write and draw, not just to kill my time.

    • One-shot comic contest entry – (incomplete)
    • MortDog commission work
    • Matt Snow commission work
    • Updated INPRNT print store
    • Comic commission work – (incomplete)
    • Some of the commission samples are now visible on the commission page.
    • The store page has been updated to show samples from my INPRNT print store.

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple ğŸŽ

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