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Monthly Update – Oct.’20

Monthly Update – Oct.’20 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – Oct.’20

👻Happy Halloween!🎃
I hope you all enjoyed your pandemic-ween. Mine was pretty uneventful since my gang and I are still practicing social distancing so nothing much to do other than being anxious over the election day right around the corner… I’m not looking forward to it.

A lesson I had to learn this month is that I need to pay just as much attention to my left arm, not just my dominant right. I injured my arms and it was one of the worst pain I have felt in a while! It got better taking pain killers, wrapping in ice, and keeping it still for days. I was already working on taking my breaks more seriously, but it wasn’t enough. No joke, so painful. TURNS OUT I dislocated the bones in my elbow and my wrist! I don’t know how much force and vigor I exert when arting but damn I didn’t know that was even possible. Making art is hardcore man, don’t let anyone convince you that it’s an easy leisurely activity. Additionally, I had injuries on my dominant hand from my lovely cat Sterling where her hind claws gouged out my palm so I had to wait until that healed so yeah. Sorry for all the delays and inactivity.

    • Kitala commission work – (incomplete)
    • CMS commission work
    • Bad apple commission work
    • Cocon commission work – (incomplete)
    • Cotton Valent commission work – (incomplete)
    • Sangdi commission work – (incomplete)
    • Jakob commission work – (incomplete)
    • Dirk Manning bookplate commission work
    • Comic commission work – (incomplete)
    • Updated Ko-fi store

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple 🍎

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