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Monthly Update – Nov.’20

Monthly Update – Nov.’20 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – Nov.’20

Woo, what a month! The first week was fuzzy from the collective anxiety of the election. Thankfully I was in a small district and went to the polls right after the morning rush and before lunch and didn’t have to wait in line at all. I hope everyone was safe, I’m pretty ashamed that the US is handling the pandemic so poorly.

Thanksgiving for me and my friends was just a long weekend and even then that’s not a real treat when I’m barely going to the office due to precautions. I LOVE Thanksgiving food so I feel like I missed that out, but other than a few of my family-friend gatherings I’m not a huge fan of socializing in groups so I got to skip out on those which is quite nice. More time for me to be in my atelier.

Thank you SO much for everyone being patient with me while I recover from the dislocations of my arms and the injury. I was able to work on and finish a lot of commissions after I got my final adjustments. I’m taking precautions, adjusting the angles of my keyboard and tablet, forcing myself to take breaks, and bulking up my arms and back muscles with a daily workout regimen.

    • DnD character commission work
    • Frostbite commission work
    • Sangdi commission work
    • Erebun commission work

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple 🍎

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