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Monthly Update – June ’21

Monthly Update – June ’21 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – June ’21

Wooo half way done with 2021! Feels like I already spent a year or two worth of time but I still have half a year left. šŸ˜¬
Being busy has its perks and downsides.

Talking about being busy, I’ve been burning through all the projects I have stocked and more. Made some awesome Google Sheets project management system and motivation maintaining game I scripted, and with suggestion I improved on the activity tracker so I can keep the quality of my productivity high while not forgetting about getting breaks. I would like to make a tutorial and share my work but that’s not HIGH on the priority list so one day someday. Sadly, a LOT of the works I completed this month is part of a larger project that isn’t for the public eye yet so this month’s featured image is the only “personal” image I was able to work on. I haven’t been able to post much but I’m alive and well!

    • Kitala commission work – (incomplete)
    • Cocon commission work – (incomplete)
    • Cotton Valent commission work – (incomplete)
    • Comic Project – (ongoing)
    • MortDog Promo Illust – (complete)
    • Misc projects – (completed/ongoing)

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple šŸŽ

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