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Monthly Update – Jan.’21

Monthly Update – Jan.’21 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – Jan.’21

2020 went, and 2021 came in like the Kool-Aid man.
My sincerest condolences to my friend who passed away this month. She was very special and kind to me, and due to her health and Covid-19 I didn’t had the chance to visit her before she passed. The funeral didn’t go too well either so I was too mad to cry during it but I cried a river at home. I regret not seeing her more often, and I absolutely miss her.
Then the US government went to shit for a moment, but I sighed with relief when nothing happened at the transferring of power.

Work wise, I have been working on commissions after commissions. Thank you EVERYONE for inquiring me about it! I have never been this busy with my arting before so my shitty time-management skills aren’t helping and honestly I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m ironing out the wrinkles as I go so please be patient with me. My goal for February is to clear my plate.

I also started posting my pokemon gijinka mafia family art series. It’s a good character design practice with a theme. I want to post these regularly as I can so I’m not silent between projects. I hate updating my social media sites.

    • Since the original site is down, I have posted all the Era of Errors comic pages that I worked on to make my portfolio pretty. You can read it on my Miscellaneous Comics page.

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple 🍎

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