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Monthly Update – Feb.’21

Monthly Update – Feb.’21 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – Feb.’21

It was snow season in Michigan!
Plowed quite a bit of snow but it’s good exercise. We used to get WAY more snow in previous years and February is usually the worth month in the winter season here. Since I’m still working from home for my office job I barely drove in it so I had an easier time. I did get a chuckle out of how the southern states react to snow as a northerner.

I have a LOT of issue organizing and time management as some of you know. I have ADD/ADHD and anxiety issues on top of it and have been missing deadlines, getting overwhelmed with the chaos of following emails, just a MESS. I never learned these skills while I was a student (I was a good test taker, otherwise I have NO idea how I got through my education) so I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I subscribed to Skill Share and taking courses on organization, productivity, and overall making my work more efficient and I’m doing all the planning for March to GET SHIT DONE! I feel guilty for pushing my projects back to get things straight, but prioritizing this would really help me and I’m learning a ton of things about me and what I’m doing wrong, and how to fix it. Now to put it into practice!


I was working on a huge comic project that I was a part of called Butts In Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story! It felt great working on a comic project, and this is the first time my art is going to be professionally colored so I’m really excited about that. Not to mention I was honored to be included in the list of other professional comic artists and working with my friend Dirk Manning again so can’t wait until this launches. I’ll keep you all up to date via twitter!

Please follow the Kickstarter page:

I am scheduled for TWO interviews in March! SO flattered that people are interested to hearing me talk about me and my works. If you’re interested in chiming in, here are the dates:

Interviews with Kyle Northrop from THE EXP
3-12-21 8:00 PM EST

Shining Otaku’s online show “Shining Spotlight”
3-28-21 9:00 PM EST

I’ll post the links when I get them. Feel free to send me questions and what you want me to talk about!

Since I wasn’t able to this month, March will be my month to finish all the commissions!! Hope all this learning and planning will help me reach this goal. Thank you everyone for all of your limitless patience with me!

    • Kitala commission work – (incomplete)
    • CMS commission work – (incomplete)
    • Cocon commission work – (incomplete)
    • Cotton Valent commission work – (incomplete)
    • TNguyen commission work – (incomplete)
    • Jenna commission work – (incomplete)
    • Tesfaye commission work – (incomplete)
    • Butts in Seats Comic commission work
    • JBM Almost Famous Karaoke logo vectorization
    • I updated my discord server to host a channel #arting-support-group for people to post their works to get feedback. Here’s an invite if you’re interested! Let’s help each other out on improving our skills!

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple 🍎

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