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Monthly Update – Dec.’20

Monthly Update – Dec.’20 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – Dec.’20

Wow. Just. Wow, what a YEAR we just lived through.
Reflecting back it wasn’t a terrible year for me since I got to work on my office job stuffs at home and go straight to studying and drawing. I have better control of my anxiety and depression, I got way more commissions than any of my previous years, and built myself some very functional google sheets to log my progress. I’m nowhere near “getting my shit fully together” but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have high hopes for 2021.

I did my first mass-signing with the popular comic book writer Dirk Manning. Which was super cool and felt like a VIP. They are bookplates for the Kickstarter contributors. The frame and the letterings are embossed and the matt paper texture was of superb quality.

I’m a Mint Mobile user for my cell service so I got this wonderful 2020 christmas card from Ryan Reynolds. Best corporate holiday card ever! Now I have a somber Reynold photo on my fridge to cheer me up.

Earlier this year I got fed up with drilling holes through the cardstock paper I tape on the surface of my tablet so I browsed through office max and found these thin yet durable plastic sheets for report covers.

And it DID… until it started being warped. It screwed up my pen pressure and lines so I tried a bunch of ways to stretch it out and taping it flat but nothing worked because the plastic got warped from all the scratching. It lasted a bit longer than the paper but I won’t say there’s a significant difference. With added guilt of tossing awayplastic.

I reverted back to my trusty card stock and holy hell.

Sorry trees, but I guess it’s more responsible than going through the hard plastic sheets so I’ll keep drilling holes. It was worth a try.


Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple 🍎

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