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Q. Are you open for commissions?
A. Thank you for being interested in commissioning me for my works, but unfortunately, commissions are closed by default. Once in a blue moon, I open small commissions for VERY special occasions, but other than that I just can’t work on commissioned works.


Q. I have an awesome idea for a comic! Can you be the artist for it?
A. Sorry, I’m FLATTERED beyond words to be interested in wanting to work with me, but I’m an artist who just can’t work on commissions! “No. Hard. Feelings.”


Q. Would you draw me (insert character) for me please? I would love you and be grateful for forever <3
A. I am in despair that I won’t be able to earn your eternal love and gratitude! But I must decline requests in general. Not just for my schedule being swamped as it is, but if I draw something for one person, wouldn’t it be unfair for the rest of the people if I declined their requests right? Like anything else, you can feel free to ask in my ask-box message for my tumblr, but let me enjoy being Prismo on those.


Q. Why haven’t you replied to my comment yet? U no like? (・´з`・)
A. If you couldn’t already tell, writing is NOT my forté! I read all of my comments (or at least try to; the tumblr comments are most likely missed since those are hard to keep track of) and I’m always super thankful for every one of them! I usually don’t have the guts to say anything when I’m on other people’s sites and comment sections so I appreciate the time, thought, and courage of leaving a note or two behind. However, I don’t want to just leave a “k thanks bye” since that’s the limit of my language skills most of the time, and I don’t want people to feel like they’ve just received a mechanic, copy-and-paste reply (you all get enough of those from giant companies already). That’s why I draw those sketches for my ask-box replies. So just remember, every time you push that send button, I’m mentally screaming and going:



and nothing less. If you do get a reply, feel lucky that my front lobe of my left-side brains was working especially well at that day and time I read them.


Q. What is your biggest inspiration/motivation?
A. Games, music and music videos, shows, and most importantly my friends and viewers. Knowing someone is anticipating to see what I can conjure up next keeps me cranking.