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Happy 513 Day 2020!

Happy 513 Day 2020! published on No Comments on Happy 513 Day 2020!

For those who don’t know or new, 513 has been my favorite number for quite some time. Since around 2005 or earlier. There’s a whole reason why this specific combination of numbers fascinates me, but the short version is that they are my favorite numbers combined. I usually celebrate this day by taking the day off and hanging out with my friends, but we’re still quarantined.

I have been getting help on my mental health for about 4 years now and I have made huge progress especially in the past half a year or so. One of my big themes is getting back into being passionate about what makes me happy and surround myself with them. I’m finally on the right meds that are right for me as well.

Recently my boyfriend and I rearranged our study drastically. I reorganized my workspace too which I’m quite fond of.

He got me a second monitor for my birthday so I can work with duo screen that’s been VERY helpful in my arting process. I have my sketching/writing area when I need to take some time off the screen. I need to put up some wall art and it’ll be perfect.

I created this wallpaper in 2012 and even though I tried to change it, I always came back to it because I am SO used to having this as my background. It felt weird without it. Something consistent to tell my brain, visually, that when I boot up my PC, it’s working time!

Though with my duo screen set up, it didn’t quite fit anymore. I wanted to have something that makes me feel happy, and it still does, but I wanted to design a wallpaper that incorporates MORE of the things I love. Have a constant reminder of things that excites me, inspire me, and motivate me… I gathered some images into a collage, still keeping some of the familiar aesthetic and voila!

I REALLY like it! Osamu Sato, vintage bees, apples, and my #1 favorite movie of all times, The World’s End. I had to spend some time just admiring it. Though the system sounds are still customized to turret voices from Valve’s PORTAL like I’ve had for years. It’s a good start to a new decade. I just wanted to brag.

Happy 513 Day!

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