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[Assortments of one shots, contest entries, and collaborative projects.]





AerialsCompleted March, 2015. 15 page entry for the International Silent Manga Audition 2015 winter round. The theme for this round was “Mamma (Mother)”. Each girls ended up how they are because of what their mothers has passed on to them, and how they use that to learn to take control of their fates. The ups and lows of their life, and how their destinies plays loopy loops reminded me of acrobatic planes, thus the title, and juggling. READ AERIALS @ >>>




Completed March, 2015. Two-page contribution to the comic anthology, Uncanny Adventures: Duo for 8th Wonder Press. This issue centered around science-fiction. A group of aliens abducts an earthling specimen, and they make some wild assumptions about Earth. Official website:



I Ain’t Superstitious

Completed October, 2014. Eight-page contribution to the comic anthology of real-life paranormal experience, Then It Was Dark edited by Sarah Benkin. Collaborated with professional comic writer Dirk Manning, known with his titles such as Tales of Mr. Ree and Love Stories (TO DIE FOR) and other horror genre comics. The story is about his ghostly experience he had in New Orleans. Official website: Dirk Manning’s website:



Era of Errors

Commissioned collaboration project with writer Dezmond Castner. Project went on from March 2014 to June, 2015. Comic archives are still available at the official website:


Short-Short 01

One accepts and one struggles against fate. Completed February 18, 2013.
Feb 18, 2013Short-Short01 Pg03
Feb 17, 2013Short-Short01 Pg02
Feb 17, 2013Short-Short01 Pg01



Weekly SHONEN JUMP Storyboard Contest


Theme: “The summer adventures of a teenager in New York city to become a movie star.” The guy who wants to be the movie star, just happens to be a superhero as well.

“Sires’ entry was on a whole different level than the other entries. Four pages is small for a storyboard, so the stories need a strong conclusion. Sires was able to form a solid story by using a minimal amount of characters, panels and words, which made it easy to understand. This is crucial to manga! The story’s driven by the conversation between the two heroes, while they’re battling, which keeps the piece lively and gives it a comedic tone. The panels have a good balance of long cuts (landscape) and up cuts (close ups). This makes the story easy to follow for the readers. And an actual superhero wanting to be a movie star while continuing to help people is a really good idea.” – Editor Sasaki on Shounen Jump 01 2012 by VIZ Media


Second Entry

I made several thumbnails for this contest and this was one of the comics that I made that had a tamer story but a better underlining theme and message to it. You can tell I’m still a newbie for not being able to combine the two in an appealing way yet.