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It’s the New Year and Kazuki couldn’t care less after a long day at work. On the way home, he receives a small device that creates an alternate world where your mind resides while you sleep. It wouldn’t take long until he realizes, or remembers, that dreams aren’t always a lovely, sweet escape from reality.                                                                                                                                                              

“B” reflects on her hilariously depressing life story, surviving a chaotic life and chaotic mind, as she saw and experienced into a journal as part of her psychological therapy. Based on the true story of Jan Apple.                                                                                                                                   


You’re Not Alone

When you’re faced with your double-existence, the superior one is said to survive while natural orders bring misfortune and death to the lesser valued. How far will you go, if you met your Doppelgänger, and you’re the one destined to be vanished?

[UPDATED] – 01.17.21
Assortments of one-shots, contest entries, and collaborative projects.

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Hidden in Ice

Thick ice stretches endlessly beyond the horizon. Artifacts of the long-lost civilization of advanced technology is barely preventing the humans from their extinction; Machines, tools, and androids. The humanoids are especially useful, but one that Kazimerz has, happens to have her A.I. intact.

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Verardi Famiglia

Blood will flow through the canals, and vexatious deeds being sufficed behind the corners of calettas tonight. The professionals of misconduct, the Verardi Famiglia, roams in the shadows of future Venice, Italy.

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