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Verardi Famiglia Ch00 Pilot Pg17
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Verardi Famiglia Ch00 Pilot Pg17

Verardi Famiglia Ch00 Pilot Pg17 published on No Comments on Verardi Famiglia Ch00 Pilot Pg17

Thank you for reading this very experimental and very old comic. This isn’t my VERY first comic of my life, but definitely a first one where I took effort and time making. I had a friend Mario, who was in the highschool editor’s club member who looked over and edited the speeches here and there, (can you even imagine my grammar being worse than now? scary thought isn’t it) Elyse the letterer and couple proofreaders were present while I was uploading it in real time. Then summer break hits and I spent the rest of the break planning out the rest of the story… aaaaaaand the ideas just kept on swelling. Eventually I went my skill isn’t just there to fully project the chronicles of this aberrant group of humans to its potential. I want to make my past me proud by creating a thrilling work from such frivolous ideas, like all great things start out.

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