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Monthly Update – July ’21

Monthly Update – July ’21 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – July ’21

Happy 4th of July! I drew something in red white and blue for this month. Could’ve spent more time perfecting the details but I have too much other shit to do, so here’s a quickie.

Not much to update this month, art-wise I didn’t make too much progress because my seasonal summer depression kicked in and I was sluggish this month. I’m working with my psychologist and psychiatrist and feeling much better now but still having trouble focusing and feeling fatigued all the time. I live in Michigan so the cooler weather will be upon us very soon.

On top of that, I had other health issues, then a bunch of utility poles got knocked down or completely busted from a pretty bad storm and I had no power for 3 days so that was fun! Not really, I had to use my chest freezer to salvage anything I can and still had to toss some stuff out because it got ruined. I ate some instant noodles since I still had gas… BUT it was turned off suddenly as well because the gas company decided it’s perfect timing to switch out our meter and didn’t bother to tell me? Had to call in to get it turned back on. There was another storm with a tornado warning and a bunch of places got flash floods and I’m just, got overwhelmed.

The good news is that my bestie Jaron moved to a much nicer apartment super close to her job and I’m SUPER happy for her! My legs were painfully sore from helping her move for two whole days and I had to throw the towel in at the very end that’s just recovering. My arms were pretty sore from all the lifting too, but honestly, it’s not as bad as my arm sores from a drawing spree which is weird? Why am I straining my arms so much just to draw.

I went out of town for a night to just chill the fuck out in the northern wilderness. It’s nice to unplug myself from everything and just relax, even though I got the wasn’t-productive-guilt when I got home. My brain is like how dare I actually give myself an actual break.

Well, thank you for listening to my rant. Hope I do much better next month. I know I just need to keep pushing to get through to the other side!

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple 🍎