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Monthly Update – March.’21

Monthly Update – March.’21 published on No Comments on Monthly Update – March.’21

Happy spring everyone!
I don’t have spring allergies anymore compared to when I was going insane at one of my old offices where I thought I was suffocating in my own phlegm, but I have seasonal SPRING depression so this month was HARD. It’s basically like winter depressions that people have, but I feel more alive during harsher seasons. So completing ALL of my commissions was a bit too high of an expectation and I should’ve known. I did work on a ton I hope I get to post soon!

I finally reached my initial goal of getting 513 followers on twitter though! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!


The Kickstarter campaign is a HUGE success!! We reached $103,525 with 15 more days to go! All of the stretch goals are unlocked and it’s crazy! Dirk is planning on adding more stretch goals soon so look out for all the updates!
Be a part of this wild ride by pledging HERE:


I was very honored to be part of TWO shows as a guest for me to answer to questions and discussed about my art and pokemon. If you missed being part of it live, here are the videos.

I was nervous as hell and trying SO hard not to swear lol.
I’m not used to do public speaking like these but at least I stayed true to myself and was very honest about my opinions. For better or worse.

    • Kitala commission work – (incomplete)
    • CMS icons commission work – (incomplete)
    • Cocon commission work – (incomplete)
    • Cotton Valent commission work – (incomplete)
    • TNguyen commission work – (incomplete)
    • Jenna commission work – (incomplete)
    • Tesfaye commission work – (incomplete)
    • MortDog commission work – (incomplete)

Thank you, have a lovely sweet dream.
-Jan Apple 🍎