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Berserk Meets Vikings! Vinland Saga Anime Review

Berserk Meets Vikings! Vinland Saga Anime Review published on No Comments on Berserk Meets Vikings! Vinland Saga Anime Review

I’ve heard about this manga for a while, and I was receiving trickles of rumors midst of the chaotic internet that it’s pretty damn good, so I gave the anime a try since I don’t use Amazon Prime videos enough for what I’m paying for. No regrets. I want the second season NOW.

Vinland Saga on Amazon Prime

I love when “historical fiction” is done so right. The attention to detail on culture, living style, and the psychology and emotions the characters makes every moment so REAL. There are insane feats that you think it can’t possibly be realistic and it’s just another anime shit, but because of how the story is told it feels more like a visualization of legends and doesn’t take you out of the experience.

Keep in mind when you watch it, the first season is just a damn prologue (like the other show I mentioned in the title) so the journey to Vinland HASN’T EVEN STARTED. These are all backstories for the main plot to begin. Not in the way that you’re not satisfied or feel like they meandered around and avoiding the main plot, FAR from it! Honestly, if this season was one contained series I would have NO complaints. That’s how much plot moves in every which way and enough cliff hangers for you to eagerly wait for the saga to continue. The animation was BEAUTIFUL not in the polished flashy sense but the camera angles and choreography for the action scenes are par with Hollywood cinematics, I wouldn’t mind re-watching it just for that. I wish more anime would experiment these kind of dynamic shots.

So I’m not the biggest fan of berserk and it’s been YEARS since I watched the original animation or read the manga but even then the similarities are a bit disappointing. I was taken out from immersion going “oh wait, Berserk did that” a fair amount. I personally like this story better because there aren’t as much medieval fantasy elements that isn’t quite my cup of tea, and I like Thorfinn better than Guts as a character because I can relate to his rage, naiveness, and hardships more. That’s just a nit pick though, I LOVED it.

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