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  • Composed and produced digitally with FruityLoops Studio and other freebie music production softwares.
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(2010) Mindless Sidewalk and The Toy Guitar.mp3

(2010) War Full of Static.mp3



  • Also referred as the “Space Pew-Pew”, the first game Chris and I worked on for his school project. This is the demo of the game. We’re trying to make a full version with better graphics, story and characters. Images by me, everything else is made by Chris. [Newgrounds Page]

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The Enrichment Center (2009)

  • Straight forward point-and-click game based off of Valve’s Portal. Made for Chris’ school project. Gameplay, level design, and the program that makes everything playable is made by Chris. I only made it pretty. Audio is from the original game. Thank you Valve, we love you. [Newgrounds Page]

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Unexpected (2009)

  • A mini home video quality film of a normal everyday life of apples. Made for a school project. Some of the audio was removed due to copyright but you wouldn’t be missing much at all.


Companion (2008)

  • VERY simple intro to video editing 101 made for class.


Feeling Good (2007)

  • Very first time animating anything for animation 101 class. Made with Flash, that was still Macromedia Flash. [Newgrounds Page]